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Applications Open Currently 

Course Code Course Name Batch Last Date  Application Link  Application Fee (in Indian Rupee ₹)
SCH School (CBSE & ICSE) 2018-19 12 AUG 2019 Apply now 500
PGDM Post Graduate Diploma in Management 2018-20 12 AUG 2019 Apply now 500
MBA Master in Business Administration 2018-20 12 AUG 2019 Apply now 500
BRDIT Bachelor of Science in Radiology & Imaging Technology (B.Sc Radiology) 2018-21 12 AUG 2019 Apply now 750
BSCNUR Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc Nursing) from KGMU Lucknow 2018-22 See Counselling Notification Apply now See Counselling Notification
BSCBIO Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (B.Sc Biotech) 2018-21 12 AUG 2019 Apply now
BPT Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) 2018-22 12 AUG 2019 Apply now
GNM Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery 2018-21 12 AUG 2019 Apply now
DPT Diploma in Physiotherapy 2018-20 12 AUG 2019 Apply now
OTT Diploma in Operation Theater Technician 2018-20 12 AUG 2019 Apply now
BED Bachelor of Education 2018-20 Apply via UPBED Apply now 0
BTC Basic Training Certificate 2018-20 Apply via Exam Regulatory, UP Apply now 0
BALLB Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law (Integrated) 2018-23 12 AUG 2019 Apply now 750
BALLB Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law (Integrated) (via CLAT/LSAT) 2018-23 See Counselling Notification Apply now NA
ALL ALL OTHER COURSES NOT LISTED ABOVE. Click here to View the list NA 12 AUG 2019 Apply now 750

Application Submission

To be included in a specific round, applications must be completed and submitted by midnight (23:59) IST on the day of the deadline. A complete application includes the online application to which supporting documents have been attached.

In order to avoid any last minute difficulties, we highly encourage applicants to submit their complete application one to two weeks before the application deadline. Please remember that your recommenders will only be able to submit their letters of recommendation once you have submitted your application.

Due to Data Protection laws and our own confidentiality policy, we are unable to give any information about applications over the phone. Furthermore, if you contact NIMT, it will not be possible to confirm receipt of your application given the volume of applications received. An email notification will be sent to you within two weeks of submitting your application which will inform you as to whether your file is now complete.

You can either attach your supporting documents to your application or send them by post in advance of the set deadline. This is because your application will only be evaluated once it is complete. If your application is completed after the deadline, it will be reviewed for the next round or for the following intake (for last round applicants).

Campus Choice

The Admissions Committee does not take campus choice into account when evaluating whether to accept or decline candidates. The selection process is, therefore, entirely blind to campus choice. Whilst we will strive to accommodate your campus choice, if your preferred campus is full, you will be offered the choice of either a place on the alternative campus or a place on the wait list for your preferred campus.

Re Applications

We do not encourage applications from previously rejected candidates. Unless your profile has incurred significant changes in any of the areas relating to our Admissions Criteria, re-applicants should expect the same outcome.


Due to the large number of applications we receive for each intake and the confidentiality of the deliberations of the Admissions Committee, we are unable to provide individual detailed feedback on rejected applications.

For further queries contact Admissions Office @ 09555192192 or email at